Wedding Policy --

Members should contact Pastor Cooper or the Church Office to see if the Pastor, facilities, and the date you have chosen are available, and to ensure that your approved date is added to the Church's Calendar of Events.

Funeral Policy --

The Pastor should be notified before any funeral plans are made. The Pastor will give the Clerk or Secretary information on date, time, and other pertinent information. When the funeral programs are prepared in the Church Office, the Church Secretary is responsible for that preparation.

• The Church has a funeral program format. A family representative should come to the Church Office to get a sample copy of the format prior to making arrangements.

• The Consoling Choir of this Church provides the music; however, one musical selection may be provided by the family at the funeral.

• A sexton is on duty when a funeral is held.

Mount Horeb Baptist Church will provide a meal for 100 or fewer persons for the repast after the funeral in the Fellowship Hall. There is a standard menu for the repast; however, the family may choose to alter the menu or host the repast for more than 100 persons for an additional cost.

For out of town funerals, a "Letter of Condolence" is faxed to the funeral home. Members are asked supply the name of the funeral home and a fax number if possible.

For additional information regarding the funeral policy, please contact the Church Office.

Commercial Kitchen Use Policy --

Kitchen use forms must be obtained, completed, and approved at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the desired event. All food must be prepared or approved by the Director. Only official kitchen personnel will be admitted into the kitchen.

During the event, any and all spills on the floor must be properly cleaned up immediately to prevent accidents. Upon conclusion of the event the kitchen must be left in the same condition as it was found with all materials being restored to their proper places; all cooked foods must be removed from the kitchen unless approved by the Food Services Director; all utensils must be cleaned with the approved cleaners; and the stove must be cleaned.

In the event that an outside caterer is contracted for a job to be held at Mt Horeb, they must be 'certified caterers' and must supply all materials needed for the job.

For additional information regarding the Commercial Kitchen Use policy, please contact the Church Office.

Fitness Center Policy --

Use of the fitness room is currently limited to members of the Mt Horeb Church Family. Members under the age of sixteen (16) years are not permitted inside the fitness room. Appropriate clothing, including athletic shoes and shirts, is required at all times.

Please be courteous and considerate to your fellow participants by cleaning off the equipment after each use, allowing other users to workout in between your sets, and limiting use of cardiovascular machines to 30 minutes, when others are waiting.

Outside personal training is not permitted on the premises. If you are interested in personal training, please call (202) 529-3180.